Hiking Enrichment with Padfoot Pets

Let your dog’s natural instincts shine with our hiking enrichment program (members only). On set days/times we offer an opportunity for your dog to experience the great outdoors with a real-world trainer from Padfoot Pets.


We walk, run, and play -- getting energy out while working on the transitions between play/calm.

4ish Hours Door-to-Door

Four or so hours of quiet - while you know your dog is out exploring safely and sniffing away with one of our Real-World Trainers.

Car Time

Going to and from the trails is part of the adventure! We take the time to travel safely with your pup while working on car manners.


With the option of working on a long line (up to 30ft) -- we can work on play/recall while out on the trails.

Sniff Central and Zzzz

Let your pup sniff away in trusted hands. You'll get a happy dog fresh from a day of adventure.