Our Story

Our story begins, like many others, finding a innovative way to help a family and their dog. The family had a lot going on within their home. Between their children’s medical issues, a young untrained rescue, and full time work, time for training was not a good option.​

The family was very bonded to the dog, particularly the youngest girl, but the large dog was uncontrollable with the horses near the home. Understandably, this made it unsafe to go on walks as a family. They wanted to make sure they did all they could to keep the family safe. Although they went through basic obedience, they needed the continued support that didn’t exist.  I started to work their dog daily on leash and around the neighborhood to help expand his world with real-world practice when mom was unavailable. ​

Helping this family was the beginning of seeing a gap in the ability to help families work with their home life and the individual challenges that may bring.

Padfoot believes true compromise, cooperation, and communication with the dog are keys to success.​

The Real-World Program offers repeatable scenarios for choice, reward, and self-regulation to create positive interactions with your world, allowing for an increase in safety, decreased reactive behaviors, improved leash issues, increased positive relationships, and overall training reliability. With this process, we have the ability to help most families, no matter the dog’s temperament or breed, training experience, time commitment, or behavior problems. Adding the private one-on-one coaching and support with advanced care for our members, Padfoot provides a complete training solution.